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Your smile can remain attractive at any age. Research shows people are more willing to invest in their teeth than any other cosmetic procedure. Women are more likely than men to invest in maintaining a youthful appearance. People aged 30-39 are the main demographic for spending money on their appearance.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to keep your pearly whites pearly. While there are lots of things in our diet that can cause our teeth to become an off-white shade, there are also lots of foods that can help do the opposite. The crispiness of an apple helps strengthen gums and keeps odor-causing staining bacteria at bay. The citric acid of an orange helps scour your teeth. Even a strawberry can help keep your teeth clean with its acidity. When it comes to veggies, think about broccoli as nature’s toothbrush and celery nature’s floss. The calcium properties of anything dairy is not only great for strong teeth, but the stronger that enamel is, the whiter your teeth remain.

When it is time to see a professional, the ZOOM! whitening system is a great way to get the optimum smile. It is fast, effective and safe, and you have the option of having them apply the treatment for you or create customized trays so you can do the treatments at home. Not only will it give yourself a brilliant smile, but it can get up to 8 shades brighter in only 45 minutes. Having a bright white smile in less than an hour is definitely worth it.

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