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Red wine lovers may think that dental stains are an unescapable side-effect of their drink of choice, but at Berryhill Dentistry, you can have your vino-soaked pearly whites back to their glistening selves in no time! Regular cleanings with a Berryhill Dentistry team member along with occasional in-office whitening treatments, can remove stains and return your smile to its former glory.

Are teeth stains permanent?

Thankfully, most dental stains do not last forever. Most in-office teeth whitening treatments effectively remove stains on your teeth from red wine, tea, or even coffee. However, you mustn’t forget that brushing your teeth twice daily, regular flossing, and keeping you dental appointments (once every 3-6months) is essential in order to maintain your most brilliant smile.

Stains are usually caused by foods and beverages that absorb into the porous layer beneath the enamel of your teeth; these – deeper – stains are typically more difficult to remove.

How does whitening remove dental stains?

Enamel is a hard, absorbent material – as we consume darkly colored drinks, staining pigments stay inside of the pores of the tooth. As these pigments collect through further consumption, your teeth will gradually become darker. In-office teeth whitening treatments removes the dark pigments from the pores of your tooth (teeth), thereby restoring a healthy shade.

What whitening options do I have?

At Berryhill Dentistry, we offer the best in-office whitening treatments available. Whether it is through conventional whitening gels, or advanced laser teeth whitening procedures, we can restore your smile back to two glistening rows of pearly whites, free from the reddish-purple hue after having a few glasses of pinot. Call 516-921-1717 to find out how!

Can you prevent wine from staining your teeth?

Here are some basic steps that you can take in order to prevent wine from staining your teeth:

  1. Rinse your mouth out with water after imbibing, but do not brush. Because alcohol his naturally acidic, brushing immediately after drinking can do a lot of damage to your teeth. Taking a couple of sips of water is just as effective, without doing any harm to your smile.
  2. Flossing, in addition to rinsing with clean water, will help to flush your teeth of the harmful alcohol. Also, this will help to remove the harmful sugars that are found in some wines, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. Use mouthwash.  This will help to remineralize the teeth, fortify tooth enamel, and help to rinse your mouth much in the same way that water can.
  4. Use a straw. Although it may look a little odd if you are doing it in a public place, drinking your wine through a straw can help to reduce the damage that wine has on your teeth by bypassing them.

How can you fix the damage to your teeth from wine?

If you are looking for the best way to reinvigorate your smile, and correct the damage caused by drinking too much wine, coffee, or tea – there is no substitute for an in-office cleaning courtesy of Berryhill Dentistry. Through a press-free consultation we will discuss your goals, and design an option that will fit your budget. Contact a member of the Berryhill Dentistry team today and take back your glistening pearly-whites!