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When you think of a root canal, does it send chills down your spine? If so, you are not alone. Root canals are considered to be the most feared dental procedure around.

Root canal therapy has received such a bad reputation over the years, but fact is, root canals aren’t quiet as scary or painful as one may think. With all of the technological advances in dentistry, root canal therapy can now be comfortable and quick.

I’m sure you’ve all hear all of the myths about root canals, which have lead you to believe the contrary, but it’s about time that these root canal myths are put to rest. While told being you need a root canal can be frightening, rest assured that most of the things you’ve heard about root canals are likely untrue.

Myth #1: A root canal is painful.

Root canals are done to relieve the pain. A local anesthetic is used to numb the tooth and surround area during the procedure. Root canal therapy is virtually painless. However, the same thing cannot be said for an infected tooth, which is likely what lead you believe that root canals were.

Myth #2: Root canals are only required when you experience tooth pain.

Some teeth that require root canals don’t always cause pain. In some cases, teeth that have already died may need root canals to prevent it from becoming infected. There are many tests that your dentist can run, like percussion testing and temperature testing, which allows them to confirm that a tooth is dead and needs root canal therapy.

Myth #3: A root canal means having the roots of my tooth or my tooth removed.

The entire point of root canal therapy is to save a tooth, not extract it. The canals inside of your tooth are cleaned and scraped. To ensure that all of the bacteria has been removed, your dentist will remove the nerve tissue and pulp along with some of the inside part of your root. Your tooth and tooth roots are not removed.

Myth #4: Root canals causes illness

This common myths indicates that root canals can lead to negative health risks, such as heart disease, kidney disease or arthritis. The myth stems from research done by Dr. Weston Price almost a century ago, and has since been debunked. Not only is root canal therapy safe and effective, it eliminates harmful bacteria from the tooth, improving your oral health and overall health.

Myth #5: Having my tooth removed is a better alternative to root canal therapy.

Having a tooth pulled is traumatic procedure that actually allows harmful bacteria to enter the blood stream. There’s also nothing that can completely replace your natural tooth, and replacement alternatives require elevated costs. Not only is root canal therapy cost effective, it allows you to keep your natural tooth.


These root canal myths have mislead several people over the years, don’t let them steer you away from having both good oral health and overall health.

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