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When we wake in the morning, the first thing many of us reach for is a jolt of caffeine. And for a very long time, that jolt of manufactured energy came from a nice hot cup of joe. As time went on, the quest to find a new way to get that energy boost began to evolve.

Over the past decade, energy drinks have changed the face of caffeine consumption – and has been slowly creeping up on the teeth of teens and young adults in the United States. Many individuals have actually come out to say that energy drinks are better for you than soda. What most fail to realize is that energy drink contains extremely high amounts of acid that essentially rest upon our teeth and cause a multitude of irreversible damage.

These high acidity levels found in drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of teeth. Damage to tooth enamel is irreversible, and without it, teeth become overly sensitive and are more likely to decay and develop cavities. According to the dentistry academy, anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of U.S teenagers consume energy drinks regularly. However, dentists all around are reaching out to their patients to limit their energy drink consumption, as the results may damage their oral health forever.

But there is a way to prevent dental issues in the future due to your energy booster of choice. After consuming sports or energy drinks, patients should wait about an hour before they brush their teeth. If they don’t wait, the acid sitting on top of your teeth will only spread itself around through your toothbrush.

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